The Age Of The Internet High Horse

What do you think about the latest hacker-gate with the Ashley Madison business?  It’s a pretty interesting moral case.  Do two wrongs make a right?  The group that has claimed responsibility for the attack — Impact Team — is acting in a kind of vigilante justice method.  But is exposing this data actually a good moral decision?  The outcry of commentators on such sites as Facebook has been slightly creepy (as is the case with internet lynch mob justice these days).  People saying that it’s “good” that a few people may have committed suicide as a result of the leaked information that they were registered on the site.  That it serves them right.  As if these commenters have never done something wrong in their lives.  The age of the Internet High Horse is well upon us, and it’s becoming kind of ridiculous.  Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.  Whether or not you believe in Jesus, this logic holds true.

I hate the fact that Ashely Madison exists (existed?).  I hate cheating.  But if I were holding the key to that hacked database, I would NOT choose to disclose it to the entire internet.  Such tactics reek of tattletale mentality that went the way of the dodo for me back in 2nd grade.  Yes, these people are bad.  But it’s not my job to “tell” on them or expose their private lives.  It’s overstepping to say the least.

Interestingly enough, the Ashley Madison executives have in return offered a 500k bounty for information that will lead to the exposure of the hackers.  However, those same hackers have apparently hacked the account of AM execs showing that the AM team hacked competitor websites.  Do 5 wrongs make a right?

The whole thing is clearly a mess.  However, I don’t think people signed up on the website should get thrown under the bus.  Again, who is anyone to judge?  These are people’s lives.  Perhaps they signed up, but maybe they never actually cheated.  Maybe they thought about it but decided better.

Again, I do not agree. reported that extortionists have been targeting those with emails on the list, and this is yet another form of evil that is coming from this supposedly Robin Hood tactic.  It’s a sad state of affairs and it seems that the suicides may have been linked to these extortion attempts.

Do I condone cheating?  Absolutely, positively not.  But I do not condone wrecking people’s lives…people you don’t even know.  Let THEM deal with their moral dilemmas and do not play God.