Reasons To Safeguard Your Data

If you need any more reasons to safeguard your data, then look no further to the rising cybercrime rate, as well as the news headlines in 2018 with all of the data mining and social warfare going on online.  Even Facebook, it was found, was listening to your conversations in order to advertise to you.  Those terms of service are so cryptic that nobody knows what’s in them.

So what is the best way to safeguard data these days anyway?  This post will help you to figure out the best ways that you can prevent any hacking or theft of your data, or infection by virus or malware.  The more  you know, the better protected you will be in the long run.  The reason most people fall victim to cyber crime is because they just don’t know enough about it and how to prevent it.

Get A Security Software Program

If you don’t have a security software program on your computer then you are leaving yourself open to viruses and malware.  Period.  You need to get yourself a tried and tested program such as Malwarebytes or Spyhunter 4.  Both of these programs can protect you from threats such as spyware, malware, ransomware, and more.  If you want to compare, you can check out this Spyhunter review over at We Hate Malware, and then compare it to Malwarebytes or some of the other software suites such as Avast.

There are many good choices out there, and getting at least something is better than nothing.  No program will be 100%.

Avoid Internet Bad ‘Hoods

If you like surfing adult, gambling, black hat and hacking sites, and getting torrents, then I’m sorry to say that you might want to change your ways.  These are the most notorious internet areas for cyber crime and hacking.  If you really want to continue to visit these sites then you should definitely think about getting a specific netbook or laptop just for that, and keep no personal data on it.  That’s the best way to protect yourself so that your important files on your PC don’t get compromised.

These internet areas are known for “drive by installations” and similar things, where you only have to visit a website and you’re cooked.

Back Up Your Data

This goes without saying, but it’s almost one of the best defenses against malware out there.  If anything comes your way, with an adequate backup you can just roll back and forget that anything even happened.  However, this obviously won’t protect you from things like keyloggers, which steal your data and you don’t even know that you have an issue.

The best way to back up your data is to use a cloud backup tool such as Backblaze, that keeps updating your files on the fly.  You never have to remember to back up your data, and it’s always up to date (this needs a decent internet connection, however).

I use Backblaze myself and it saved me from a hard drive failure in the middle of a paid video editing job that I had to do.